Psalm 95 invites us into God’s presence with such joy every time we worship, every time we pray. He is our forgiving Father and He rejoices at our presence.
Psalm 96 is big and grandiose. It is filled with flowery, beautiful, poetic language. And yet it calls on us to tell of God’s salvation from day to day, to daily share what God has done for us. God is present in both the big and the small, in the grandiose and in the ordinary.
David never built a house for the Lord to dwell in, but the Lord built a house for David - not a dwelling place of stones and wood but a heritage, a lineage of kings that culminates with the King of Kings, Jesus Himself.
The condescension of Jesus is staggering. He not only regards the lowly, but He becomes one of the lowly. He humbles Himself in becoming human. Then, this eternal Jesus with phenomenal, cosmic power humbles Himself to the point of death.
God surrounds His people, just like the rim of the Grand Canyon surrounds you when you hike toward the bottom of the canyon, just as the mountains of Yosemite surround you in the valley.
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