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Young Adults in Action: Why Service?

Service should be the natural extension of faith, giving young adults what they are yearning for. Continue reading

0 Comments / 39 View / April 29, 2016

All Things New: When You Need a Win

Here’s the simple truth: there will be times that we will do everything right, and many youth still won’t be there or come back. But there will also be times where our personal interactions with the youth, games we play, and discussions we facilitate simply fall flat, and yet they still keep showing up. So what can we depend on? Continue reading

0 Comments / 156 View / April 26, 2016

Parenting Point: Call for Help

When we fail as parents, or when we just aren’t all we want to be, God is there for us, too! Continue reading

0 Comments / 57 View / April 25, 2016

Word One: What About the Love (Easter 5C Gospel)

A Bible study on God’s love using John 13:31-35. Continue reading

0 Comments / 159 View / April 4, 2016