By James Wiggins, Jr.

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Easter Sunday Gospel Reading.

Text: Luke 24:1-12 for Easter Sunday, Lectionary Series C


Participants will:

  1. Explore the account of Jesus’ resurrection in order to gain a greater understanding about living in and under Jesus’ resurrection power today.
  2. Gain a greater understanding about the help and hope that Christ’s resurrection brings into our world.



Lesson handout


3×5 index card



This is written for small groups of 6-8 people.  Leaders are those who resurrected (got up) the earliest this morning.  If someone is uncomfortable sharing, allow them to pass.


Each participant should share his name and complete one of the following statements:

  1. When I visit a cemetery, I feel…
  2. After hearing Mary Magdalene and others tell about the empty tomb, I would have…
  3. When I attend funerals…


  1. Read Luke 24:1-12.
  2. The women took spices to Jesus’ tomb in verse 1. What do you and your family take to the grave of a loved one?  Why?
  3. In verses 2-4, the women find that Jesus is not in the tomb and they begin to wonder. They wondered because:
    1. They were afraid.
    2. They thought someone had stolen Jesus’ body.
    3. They were in shock.
    4. They knew He was alive
  4. In verse 5, the women were frightened by the two men. Who were the two men, and why were the women afraid of them? How would you have reacted?
  5. They heard the words: “He is not here; He has risen!” How would these words make you feel if you came to the grave of a loved one and someone told you these words?  How would you have felt if you had been at the tomb of Jesus and heard these words?
  6. The women finally remembered Jesus’ words about His death and resurrection. Why didn’t the disciples and others believe the women?  Why did they think the women spoke nonsense?  Would you have believed the women?  Why or why not?
  7. After finding the tomb empty and remembering Jesus’ words about His resurrection, how does this help us when we are confronted with death.


  1. Jesus died and rose; how does this change our earthly lives?
  2. Why is it important to remember Jesus’ resurrection when we are confronted by death?
  3. Complete the following statement:

Because of this lesson, my Easter will . . .


On one side of the 3×5 index card have the students write the name of someone they look forward to seeing when Jesus returns.  On the reverse side of the card, have everyone write Jesus’ words: “Because I live, you shall live also.”  Collect the cards and give them to the pastor to remember their loved ones in prayer.

Sing two verses of “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” and close with the response:

Leader: He is Risen!

Group: He is Risen indeed!  Amen.

 Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies.

Updated for youthESource in March 2016