Bible Study: Light in the Darkness

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Download a PDF of the Bible Study: Light in the Darkness.

Introduction for Leaders: Thank you for taking the time to open up discussion with your youth about this important topic. It has been my experience that the majority of youth who have come through our youth ministry program have felt that they have dealt with feelings of depression at some point in their life. It has also been my experience that for many of them, simply having a safe place to talk about what they think and feel with a caring adult is extremely beneficial. Let them know that you are there for them but also encourage them to talk to their parents and be aware when they are experiencing something that would be better handled by a mental health professional.

Faith and Depression:

Depression, like other illnesses, was not part of God’s original plan. Instead it is the result of sin entering the world through the Fall. Sin affects Christians and non-Christians alike on a daily basis. No part of our life is immune. Sin can affect our bodies, minds, thoughts and emotions.

As Christians, we can find peace and comfort in God’s grace given through the gifts of Holy Absolution, Holy Communion and God’s Word, which is full of God’s promises which we can hold onto in the midst of darkness.

Download a PDF of the Bible Study: Light in the Darkness.

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