Download a PDF of the Bible Study: The End.

Leader’s Notes for the Series

This series is designed to do three things:

  • Help participants get a simple, clear, scriptural understanding of what happens when you die, how the world will end, Judgment day and Heaven and Hell;
  • Challenge them to relate the truths of Scripture in a simple drawing that they can share with a friend;
  • Share the hope they have in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in a relevant way.

It is designed in a catechetical format (question and answer) with Scripture references. My encouragement would be for you to look through the Scriptures and focus on those which would be most instructive and helpful for your group.

Allowing participants time to search for verses, read and discuss amongst themselves how they apply before the teacher answers is a valuable learning practice. Allow your students to wrestle with the Word!

The napkin drawing is to help students visually process what they are learning as well as give them a tool to share these truths with others. Have fun with it, and, if time allows, encourage them to practice with each other.

The explanation is simply a summary of the verse content and designed to assist you in teaching.

The discussion questions are designed to help participants process what they’re learning and give you the opportunity to answer questions that they may have, but aren’t considered in the study.

You will see some verses and themes repeated throughout the four sessions. Repetition of basic truths helps combat the deluge of misinformation and speculation about the subjects.

Below are listed some of the resources I used in putting together the study. It would be a good idea, especially on the “How the World will End” study to look through them.

The End: A Seminar on the End Times and Dispensationalist Millennialism, by Tim Pauls

“Concerning the Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to Him: A Lutheran Response to the “Left Behind” Series

“Concerning the Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to Him: A Lutheran Response to the “Left Behind” Series Bible Study by Reed Lessing

“The End Times: A study on eschatology and millennialism”

Christian Dogmatics, John Mueller (CPH) pp.613-644

A Summary of Christian Doctrine, Edward Koehler (CPH) pp.292-317