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Apologia Talks: A Life for a Life – The Fifth Commandment

Plastered all over the media are stories related to life issues. How are we to respond as Christians? Continue reading

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Apologia Talks: Rest. The Work is Done! – The Third Commandment

Now, because of Jesus, the Sabbath is not one day a week, but our entire lives in Christ. His forgiveness is yours every second of every day. His love and mercy now define you. Continue reading

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All Things New: The Art of Delegation

Recently I was having a conversation with another adult leader on a retreat. While we were talking, a group of youth was working to set up one of the activities for the night. We both noticed this and proceeded to…

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Christmas Resources

Christmas resources for use with youth. Continue reading

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Word One: Getting Ready (Advent 2C Gospel)

A Bible study on repentance and living in faith using Luke 3:1-14. Continue reading

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Word One: The Great Unknown (Advent 1C Gospel)

A Bible study on the future based on Luke 21:25-36 Continue reading

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teens respond to terrorism

Inside the Teen World: Teens Respond to Terrorism

Students react candidly to acts of terrorism in another country. Continue reading

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Christmas Drama: Glory Be

At Christmas a new definition of glory presented itself: all man all God with hunger and human hair and a heartbeat. Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving for Families

Thank the Lord as families in this special worship resource. Continue reading

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Media Review: Breaking Bad

Media Review: Breaking Bad

Let me preface this blog by asking you a favor:  As with most things in life, I am way behind the times.  I realize that Breaking Bad had their series finally a few months back.  But, I have not seen…

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