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Face to Face with a Gathering Planner

I’ve been three times. Every time, I cried. Words failed me and left me breathless with wonder. My faith was deepened. My worldview was challenged. Few events we attend have the power to transform lives like the National Youth Gathering,…

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All Things New: Delegating Discipleship

Who is doing the work of discipleship, and how can you encourage parents to take on the responsibility for their kids? Continue reading

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Word One: God’s Love Discovered (Trinity B Gospel)

a Bible Study on God’s love using John 3:1-17 Continue reading

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Word One: Plan 3000 Plus (Trinity B Epistle)

a Bible study about God’s plan for salvation using Acts 2:14a, 22-36 Continue reading

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Devotion: Whatever You Do

a devotion on vocation based on Colossians 3:17 Continue reading

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Figuring It Out: Stuck

Figuring It Out: Stuck

When I was living in Texas, and was in my 20s, and didn’t have kids, I decided that I could fix my own car. There was some noise that sounded a little like a coffee grinder coming from what I…

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Book Review: Frameworks by Eric Larson

a book review of Frameworks, a book to help make you a better reader and teacher of the New Testament Continue reading

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Devotion: Keep Your Vocation Wheel Turning

a devotion on vocation based on Colossians 3:17 Continue reading

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Inside the Teen World: 6 Phrases That Get Under Teen Skin

Cassie interviewed teens to find out what phrases irritate them the most. Continue reading

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Devotion: Are you F.I.N.E.?

a devotion on vocation using Colossians 3:17 Continue reading

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