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2015 Servant Event Devotions: Stand. Follow. Serve. Repeat.

Download a PDF of the 2015 Servant Event Devotions Leader’s Guide. Download a PDF of the 2015 Servant Event Devotions. About the theme The year was 1521. Martin Luther had already been excommunicated by the medieval church and was called…

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LCMS Youth Ministry Webinars

Webinar: Mental Health and Youth

Rev. Dale Kuhn Mental health issues affect the lives of young people and families across our country and congregations. It is a difficult topic to tackle whether a parent, pastor, church worker, volunteer youth worker, or a Christian who cares…

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Inside the Teen World: Change the World

Today’s teens want to make the world a better place. Continue reading

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Word One: Jesus Died for Me (Palm Sunday B Gospel)

a Bible study on Jesus’ death, using Mark 15:1-27 Continue reading

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Lent Devotion: Knowing an Unknowable Love

a devotion on the Lenten hymn “My Song is Love Unknown” Continue reading

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2015 Servant Event Bible Study: Stand. Follow. Serve. Repeat.

A five-part Bible study on standing firm in Christ Continue reading

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Inside the Teen World: Teens Want Focus, Freedom and Respect

Teens share a few of the things they would like to change about their lives. Continue reading

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Lent Devotion: But First, the Cross

At the cross we see God’s heart of love, a love that poured out and sacrificed EVERYTHING so that our suffering would be temporary in this life. Continue reading

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Word One: Thank God for the Light (Lent 4B Gospel)

a Bible study on walking in light based on John 3:14-21 Continue reading

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Word One: Focus on Jesus (Lent 4B Old Testament

A Bible Study on forgiveness based on Numbers 21:4-9 Continue reading

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