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Veritas: Online, a Youth Perspective

a look at the online world, and the challenges therein, through the eyes of a teenager Continue reading

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Bible Study: Navigating the World at Your Fingertips

This one-part Bible study explores the murky waters of the online world and looks at what the Bible has to say about our behavior both on- and off-line. Continue reading

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All Things New: The Waiting Game

So what are you waiting for in your ministry? What is it that you are looking forward to that will take you to the “next step” with your group? Continue reading

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What’s New in Social Media…and How it’s Useful for Churches

“Facebook is dead.” –  one of my middle school youth about a month ago In the last year I’ve witnessed a mass exodus of middle school and high school kids from the now 10-year-old dinosaur of social media that is…

0 Comments / 218 View / April 15, 2014

Betwixt: The Moments that Matter Most

When my former students get together, they love to tease me. Usually their teasing follows a predictable route: they recall any number of instances where I was stressed out and I did something memorable—often chucking something across the room. Don’t…

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Teaching Parents and Youth to Be Safe Online

“Don’t talk to strangers!” I have known this helpful piece of safety advice so long I don’t really remember even learning it. It’s just something I’ve always known. This is something we ingrain in our children as we help them…

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On Campus: Distractions

On Campus: Distractions

Do you ever feel distracted? I know I do all the time. It seems as if I have a good amount of free time and then all of a sudden, I have to rush to do school work or anything…

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All Things New: Keep the Dream Alive

Lay a solid foundation for keeping your ministry dreams alive. Continue reading

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Creating a Social Media Policy

4 considerations when creating a social media policy for your church Continue reading

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