10. Be… – Be consistent, prayerful, tenacious, credible.

9. Thank Them– Be thankful. Publicly acknowledge those who help.

8. Clarity – Be clear about what you need. ASK–in person is best!

7. Gift Card Potentials – Local Businesses such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. may be potential places to
contact for donated gift cards to use for supplies needed for your event.

6. Local – Contact local grocery stores or restaurants for donations for meals or snacks.

5. Lutheran Auxiliaries, Agencies and Recognized Service Organizations – Funding may be available through these organizations connected with your congregation or district.

4. Congregational members – Ask members to support your event. Put lists together, suggest they sponsor or adopt a project or area.

3. Mission Projects – Could your Sunday School or VBS support your event as a mission project? This could be designating
offering funds or collecting specific items.

2. Business Partners – Partner with all those you do business with–banks, supply companies, t-shirt companies, etc.

1. District – Check with your District to see if District Mission Funds are available.

Compiled by the 2013 LCMS Servant Event Committee: Rev. Barry Akers; Shelly Carlson; Linda Gage; James Lohman, DCE; Randy Ronning, DCE; Leah Sallach

Published February 2014