Type/Purpose: High Tech, Trivia


  • Access to Twitter and a computer before the event.
  • 3 noise making implements (cow bell, bicycle horn, shaker, etc.)


  • Before the event, go to Twitter, and find “tweets” from different organizations, people, places, other congregation members, etc.
  • Set up the play area by placing three chairs next to each other, with a noise maker on each chair.


  • Break the group up into 3 teams, with one player sitting in the chair, and the rest of the players lined up behind them.
  • Name 3 choices, then read the “tweet”. The player plays their “noisemaker” to ring in, then names which of the choices authored that writing.
  • Correct answer is 10 points, and another team may also buzz in and try if the first team gets it wrong.
  • Rotate through players, doing as much trivia as you can.

Extra Ideas:

  • Find some that are pictures tweeted by that person to show
  • Find celebrities, and share a series of three tweets (Name that Tweeter)
  • Teachable Moments:
  • If you’re following up with a devotion or Bible Study, end the game with tweets that may apply (pros or cons to the topic, religious type quotes, etc.)
  • Get into a discussion regarding public opinion and how words impact others.