by Brooklyn Lindsey
Zondervan 2009
Do you remember your younger days of wanting to declare opposite day? This is a day designed to be fun and silly. Maybe you wear all your clothes inside out and backwards. Maybe you try to walk backwards, and write with your less dominate hand. All these fond memories are the basis for Brooklyn Lindsey’s book Opposite Day.
The premise for this upside down question book is to get your students talking. This resource would be good for junior high or high school youth and maybe even adults. Each chapter has a theme and lists different words or phrases that challenge your youth to think about the opposite. Youth are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings oppositely than their true feelings for the group.
Many of the topics would encourage surface level discussions that would be good for use as icebreakers or group building. A few of these chapters include school, romance, culture, random, growing up and fashion. There are a few chapters that seem to challenge students to think deeper, including, family, friends and Jesus. It would be important to establish a few ground rules so that students feel comfortable sharing with a group, and it might be better to use these topics in a small group setting. The introduction chapter is important to read as the author gives suggestions for guidelines or ground rules.
Sarcasm could really make opposite day a detrimental activity for your youth. There is a fine line for leaders and youth when joking and answering questions. Luckily, in the family chapter youth are encouraged to talk about the opposites list instead of sharing feelings that would be opposite. For example, “youngest family member and oldest family member,” youth are encouraged to share sentences about these opposite things in their lives. One opposite caution in the “visitor/relative” chapter includes baby dedication, but it would be easy to skip this one thing or encourage a discussion about baptism.
When are you going to declare Opposite Day? This book could be a useful tool for a quick activity or and entire theme night. Brooklyn Lindsey has included everything you need for laughs and great discussion.