Type/Purpose: Food/Messy, Obstacle Course/Race/Relay

Barbecues are a great time for hand cut fries and corn on the cob. This idea makes the prep a whole lot easier, and coincidentally is great fun.


  • Potatoes (1 per participant)
  • Potato Peelers (1 per group, probably 3)
  • Trash cans (1 per group, probably 3)
  • Chairs (1 per group, probably 3)
  • Ears of Corn (1 per participant)
  • Bananas (1 per participant)
  • Start and End markers (cones, chairs, etc.)
  • 3 crates or boxes (or more depending on how many groups)


  • Using the markers, create a start and end point for the relay.
  • Divide the participants into equal groups, and instruct them to line up behind the start marker.
    • Before the first round, place enough potatoes in each crate or box so that each participant has one. Place the boxes at the end markers for each group.
    • Before second round, load the corn in the crates.
    • Before third round, load the bananas in the crates.
  • Place the chairs next to the crates.


  • During each round, the first participant will run to the chair, sit down, and complete the task before running back and tagging the next participant.
    • Round 1: After sitting, participant will peel the potato fully, and place it back in the crate. The peelings will go in the garbage can.
    • Round 2: After sitting, participant will shuck the corn cob fully, and place it back in the crate. The corn husk and silk will go in the garbage can.
    • Round 3: After sitting, participant will fully peel the banana, placing the peel in the garbage can. They will run back with banana, and consume it after tagging the next player.
  • After a group completes the task, they are to sit until the full group is sitting.

Notes and Extra Ideas:

  • If you fear that your group using a potato peeler could result in unsafe results, DO NOT DO IT. Consider these alternatives:
    • Instead of peeling the full potato, have each participant do one potato strip.
    • Put a bucket of water and a scrub brush near the chair, and have participants scrub the potatoes.
  • Have participants shuck the corn blind folded.
  • Instead of bananas, have whatever you want as a treat at the end.