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Media Review: Born This Way

Media Review: Born This Way

Lady Gaga’s latest electronic driven single, “Born This Way” intros and outros with what sounds like the opening to every movie produced by Marvel Entertainment in the last five years- a sort ofDark Knightdroning of cellos and violins. It immediately…

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Because You Are Young

Because You Are Young

As a young adult in the mission field, many days I feel more ‘young’ and less ‘adult’. I think this is true for many people—not just me. Sometimes I just feel way over my head. I joke to my friends…

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Book Review: Heaven is For Real

You may have heard of this book – it has spent at least ten weeks at the top of the New York Time’s best seller list for non-fiction. It’s only 150 pages long and is a very engaging and easy…

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Game: Sample Taste

Type/Purpose: Food/Messy, Travel Continue reading

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On Campus: Thanks for my Freshman Year

On Campus: Thanks for my Freshman Year

On a Christian Campus “I will give to the LORD the thanks due to his righteousness,and I will sing praise to the name of the LORD, the Most High.” Psalm 7:17 Well, I did it. I successfully completed my freshman…

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Book Review: The Four Loves

The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis It’s refreshing to read a theological book that doesn’t make our experience of reality, emotion and life the baseline for reality and actuality. C.S. Lewis firmly belongs to another age of thought that still…

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Devotion: The Metaphor of Marriage

As young adults begin to engage in serious relationships, marriage is eventually on their mind. Our congregation already has ten weddings scheduled for this year. Have you thought about it? What is marriage all about? There have been many metaphors…

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Game: Smartphone Scavenger Hunt

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Travel Games

Youth groups are constantly traveling, and it’s always nice to have a bag of tricks to pull from. Only a few of these have need of props, and the variations are endless. Continue reading

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Middle School Youth Night: Life…The Great Pressure Cooker

Middle School Youth Night: Life…The Great Pressure Cooker

Help junior high youth find ways to deal with the pressure in their lives with this junior high event. Continue reading

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