Say the words “evangelism” or “outreach” and it’s not unusual for a lot of people, maybe even most people, to feel a little uncomfortable. They are likely to think, “What me witness? Me?” For any number of reasons, people are reluctant to tell other people about their faith. They seem genuinely uncomfortable to talk about Jesus and what He means to them. They might say they just don’t have the words to make an eloquent testimony. Or they may not want to offend someone in an time when people are encouraged to be tolerant of all faiths or non-faiths and to be open to all manner of diversity.

I’m not sure how well street corner evangelism works these day. And I know that talking about eternal damnation isn’t something a lot of people understand anymore. But here are a few ways that you can say who you are as a believer in Jesus and what you believe.
  1. Pray around the flag pole in the morning before school. Invite your friends to join you.
  2. Wear a Christian T-shirt (and always be careful about the message of any other T-shirt you wear. You might ask yourself, “Would Jesus wear this shirt?”
  3. Play contemporary Christian music in your CD players. Download it on your iPod. Play it in your car.
  4. Wear a cross.Compliment somebody on theirs. It might lead to a conversation about what the cross means.
  5. Don’t swear. Check out how you talk. The words you use and the way you say things says a lot about who you are.
  6. Do the don’ts. Don’t drink. Don’t use drugs. Don’t have sex. Don’t tell dirty jokes.Don’t gossip or hurt people with words.
  7. Look for ways to compliment and affirm people. Put away the put down. Kind words have been known to change people’s attitudes and relationships.
  8. Talk about your church. Bring up something that happened, just to get a conversation started (e.g. “Our youth director said…so what do you think?”)
  9. Check your attitude. Smile. Be kind!
  10. Put Christian book covers on your school books. Make your own covers out of plain paper and add your own Christian doodling.
  11. Doodle “Christian.”
  12. Sign your letters, cards, email, “God bless!”
  13. Get a group of friends to go to a Christian concert.
  14. Be available for your friends. Support them and care about them.
  15. Get your church to host “inevitable” events – things you would want to come to and wouldn’t mind inviting your friends to. “Let’s go to my church and shoot some hoops.”  Sports, socials, lock-ins. Maybe even informational events.
  16. Introduce your friends to your youth director, pastor, or adult counselor. Invite your youth director to school events. Gives you more chances to introduce him/her. Ask your pastor to be involved in a group by teaching.
  17. Decorate your room and home and/or locker with Christian symbols, pictures, etc.
  18. Pray before you eat. That includes in the school cafeteria.
  19. Carry a Bible. Read it occasionally.
  20. Actually invite a friend to church.
There are probably dozens of other ways you can be a witness. The point is not to shy away. People will notice who you are, how you live, what you do, and that you believe something special. Be true to who you are and what you believe and trust the Holy Spirit to do the rest.
God bless!!!

Adapted from “What? Me Witness” An Introduction to Family ‘Low Risk’ Witnessing, Youth Ministry Sketchbook, Copyright © 1994 by the author. Published by Concordia Publishing House.


Published on thESource November 2009