Read: Matthew 8:5-13. “A Centurion’s Faith”

Shelby began her letter with, “Hey Mom! You’ll never guess what we did at camp today!” As she remembered the events of her long day, she noticed the bookmark on her desk which had one of her favorite Bible passages etched into it. The bookmark read, “Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see” ( Hebrews 11:1). Shelby then set the bookmark back down and continued writing to her mother. “We played this game called ‘double trust’ where you sneak over to the opposing team’s campsite and try to capture their cross, and bring it back to your team’s site. But, there’s a catch. You are blindfolded and your partner needs to guide you through the enemy lines to the campsite. It was supposed to show how much we trust each other.” Getting sidetracked again, Shelby looked once more to the bookmark. Her thought was interrupted by a knock on her door, which signaled that it was time for another game of “double trust.”

Shelby hurried to put her letter away, and stuffed the bookmark into her pocket. The game was beginning and Shelby was blindfolded, with her partner Emily ready to lead. As the game progressed, Emily successfully lead Shelby through the woods over tree stumps and through mud, until they had crossed into enemy territory. Suddenly, Shelby tripped and sprained her ankle on a log. “How could this happen with you leading me?” Shelby asked. Just then a member of the opposing team spotted them. But rather than capture them, he made sure that Shelby and Emily were okay. They both replied, “Yes, we’re fine but do you think that you can find some bandages, possibly a first aid kit, and have them sent to our cabin?” The boy replied, “You don’t know me, but you trust me to get you these things?” They both replied, “Yes. We trust you. We believe you have the ability to do it.” The boy then said, “I will give you what you ask for. Now go to your cabin and feel better.” The girls knew that he would help. When they reached the cabin, the first aid kit and bandages were there as promised. Shelby then realized the bookmark was still in her pocket and read the verse once more. She was definitely assured of her faith that evening.

Much like the centurion in the miracle “A Centurion’s Faith,” Shelby and Emily had risked asking a member of a “team” they wouldn’t normally want to be seen with for help. Just as the centurion was worried about being seen with Jesus because he was considered to be an “enemy,” the girls were worried about being seen with the boy. But one important similarity they share is their trust in their saviors. When the centurion shows faith in Jesus by believing his son will be healed just by Jesus saying it, Jesus replies, “I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith” (Matt. 8:10).  Even though we trust in Jesus, our trust is sometimes shaken and when it is, we fall into sin and risk far more than an ankle sprain. We risk our souls. But because of Jesus’ death and resurrection for us, we observe Jesus as our eternal healer and have trust in Him alone. He is always there to catch us when we fall. With faith and trust in Jesus nothing is impossible. Therefore, TRUST IS A MUST.

Prayer: Heavenly father, without You, we would all be in much worse pain than a sprained ankle or even a broken bone. Thank You for all the times you heal and provide for us when we least deserve it. Amen.

by Katelyn White, a student at Lutheran High School North, Macomb, Mich.