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Bible Study: Alones, but Never Alone

This three-part study explores each Sola (Faith Alone, Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, Grace Alone, Glory to God Alone) and offers a modern-day application for teens. Continue reading

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LCMS Youth Ministry Webinars

Youth Ministry Webinar: An Introduction to “In Christ Alone”

Webinar: An Introduction to “In Christ Alone” by Rev. Dr. Joel Lehenbauer and Rev. Mark Kiessling A first look at the 2016 National LCMS Youth Gathering theme, In Christ Alone, based upon its theological foundation in the book of Philippians…

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What a Christ-Centered Youth Ministry Looks Like

A Christ-centered youth ministry has to do with what you celebrate. What you celebrate and how you talk reveals what’s at your core. It reveals what you desire. The question is: What do you desire? How does your desire relate to Jesus and Jesus’ way? Continue reading

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Game: Olympic Size Meal

Game: Olympic Size Meal

Type/Purpose: Event/Activity, Food/Messy, Mixer, Off-Site Continue reading

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LCMS Youth Ministry Webinars

Youth Ministry Webinar: Digital Citizenship

Webinar: Digital Citizenship The line between online and offline life is just about gone. What does it mean be Christian and to live respectfully in a digital culture that values the “tolerate” and blasts those show any hint of judgment?…

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Getting Ready for a New Year: Ten Tips for Goal Setting

The start of a new school year is a great time to set some goals for your ministry. These 10 tips can help you get started. Continue reading

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Back to School Retreat

Everything you need for a back to school retreat! Continue reading

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Bible Study: The Problem of Suffering

a Bible study on the problem with suffering Continue reading

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Veritas: Looking for Answers

youthESource asked a couple teens, “What questions do you have about your faith, or about God? What questions are your friends asking? Where do you go for the answers? How could your church help?” Here’s what one of them had…

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Apologia: Why Doesn’t God Prevent Sin?

Our world is broken. Sin has broken everything that exists and has ever existed since Adam and Eves fall. It destroys all relationships between God, creation and humankind. Sin brings death and destruction, and it separates us from God, from nature and from each other. So why didnt God prevent sin? Why doesnt He prevent it now? Continue reading

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