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Apologia Talks: Helpers – The Tenth Commandment

God calls on us to honor the gift of individuals that He has placed in the lives of others. Continue reading

0 Comments / 183 View / December 14, 2015

Apologia Talks: Coveting – The Ninth Commandment

When we covet what God has given to our neighbors, we hurt them and their use of that gift in the way God intended. Continue reading

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Apologia Talks: A Life for a Life – The Fifth Commandment

Plastered all over the media are stories related to life issues. How are we to respond as Christians? Continue reading

0 Comments / 247 View / November 30, 2015

Apologia Talks: Rest. The Work is Done! – The Third Commandment

Now, because of Jesus, the Sabbath is not one day a week, but our entire lives in Christ. His forgiveness is yours every second of every day. His love and mercy now define you. Continue reading

0 Comments / 232 View / November 25, 2015

Apologia: The Death Penalty

a discussion guide on the death penalty Continue reading

0 Comments / 44 View / February 3, 2015

Apologia: Abortion

Use this talk sheet to discuss a biblical perspective of abortion with your youth. Continue reading

0 Comments / 64 View / January 22, 2015

Apologia: Assisted Suicide

Assisted suicide, euthanasia, death with dignity–all synonymous–weave in and out of the spotlight of the news, and we continue to struggle and debate with what is ethical, what is moral and what is right. Use this talk sheet to work through this difficult subject with your youth. Continue reading

0 Comments / 31 View / January 19, 2015

Apologia: Why Doesn’t God Prevent Sin?

Our world is broken. Sin has broken everything that exists and has ever existed since Adam and Eves fall. It destroys all relationships between God, creation and humankind. Sin brings death and destruction, and it separates us from God, from nature and from each other. So why didnt God prevent sin? Why doesnt He prevent it now? Continue reading

0 Comments / 516 View / July 23, 2014

Apologia: Creation vs. Evolution

Was life on Earth created by God, or is it the product of evolution? Use this talk sheet to explore the issue with your youth. Continue reading

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Does Being Good Save You?

Being good can’t save you. Only God can do that. Continue reading

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