Youth Ministry Webinar: Digital Citizenship

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Webinar: Digital Citizenship

The line between online and offline life is just about gone. What does it mean be Christian and to live respectfully in a digital culture that values the “tolerate” and blasts those show any hint of judgment? Seth Hinz, Web Media Manager for Michigan District of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, leads the conversation here on exploring new ways of sharing faith online and addressing the pitfalls inherent in social media.

YouTube videos referenced in the webinar include:
What is Digital Citizenship:…
Digital Footprint:…

Seth Hinz is the Web Media Manager for the Michigan District of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and has served as the social media manager for the 2013 and 2016 LCMS Youth Gatherings. Seth holds bachelor degrees in business and communications and a gradute degree in organizational leadership and communication from Concordia University Ann Arbor. He currently resides near Ann Arbor with his wife, Rachel, and two young sons, Judah and Samson.

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