Around this time of year, if it hasn’t been already done, many congregations have celebrations for high schoolers graduating and junior highers coming up to the high school program. Whether this has occurred in your congregation or not, this game is the perfect addition to a barbecue. Nothing says camaraderie like grilled meat, music in the background, outdoor activities, and times to connect.

Type/Purpose: Community Builder, Food/Messy, Seasonal—Spring

Materials: Prewrapped chocolate eggs or candies and a backyard or space to play in

Set-Up: Divide the group into 2 or more teams, depending on size of group.


  • The first group will either go indoors, or turn their backs to the playing area, while the other group hides the eggs.
    • Eggs must be hidden in plain sight. No hiding behind, under, or on top of objects.
    • Note: placing eggs in the grass will be difficult to find, so feel free.
  • Once eggs are hidden, the clock is started, and the other group needs to find them all. Once found, the clock is stopped.
  • Teams switch roles, and one hides while the other looks.
    • If the group is large enough to divide into more groups, do this in a round robin, where the other teams are spectating until their turn.

Extra Ideas:

  • If it’s hot enough outside, go with the pre-melt option.
  • If the egg is completely melted upon being found, the group has a 3 minute penalty added.
  • If the egg has not melted at all, they are rewarded a 1 minute credit
  • If you’re looking for a healthy spin, use cherry tomatoes.