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Bible Study – Walking in the Light: Shining His Light on Mental Health

This series of five studies youth ministries can talk about how God is able to work in and through us, even in times where we struggle with our mental health. This is particularly important after a year which was stressful for almost everyone. The darkness of this world and in our minds is no match for our REAL, PRESENT God! Jesus is the ONE and ONLY source of eternal light.

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Bible Study – Baptism: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

This study is designed to be done as a standalone study, particularly on a Sunday when there may be a Baptism happening in worship. The hope is that such a study will encourage meaningful conversation about how young people can deeply understand their Baptismal Faith. Even though we will get many gifts in this life, no gift is greater or continual gift like the gifts we receive in Baptism.

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