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Meaningful ministry to young people involves more than slapping pizzas on a table, stocking a room with tattered couches and ping pong tables, and planning silly games. Lasting spiritual transformation occurs when Christian adults invest in the young people of their community, walking with them through the questions that every person wrestles with: who am I, and what is my purpose?

Too often, teens chase hollow promises of self-identity in social media, popular causes, or hot-button trends. It is an identity grounded in Christ, however, that gives one a deep sense of peace, as well as the ability to navigate challenges, pains, and sorrows. This study series is designed to help your group explore the identity section of our 40 End Goals.

Through this four-part Bible study series, young people will explore who they are, what purpose God has in store for them, and how they can cling to these truths when facing an inevitable world of crisis and change.

The four studies cover these topics:

Part 1: EMBOLDENED: Who God Says You Are

Part 2: UNEARTHED: Discovering Your Identity

Part 3: ROOTED: Staying Grounded When Storms Threaten

Part 4: CONNECTED: Identity and Community

Attached Devotions

These lessons have four devotions that run parallel to the Bible study. These are designed for you to use if you meet multiple times a week or for you to share through email or social media in between lessons.

Download the Leaders Guide Here.