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Young Adults in Action: Lost

Congregations seeking to support young adults can be a tremendous help in navigating them from one church community to the next. Continue reading

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College Card Ministry

Here’s a great way to keep college students connected to their church even when they’re away from home. Continue reading

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30 Days of Prayer for College Students

A booklet of devotions for parents and friends of college students. Continue reading

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Book Review: College Ministry from Scratch

book review of College Ministry from Scratch by Chuck Bomar Continue reading

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Navigating College Ministry

For many churches college ministry seems like a daunting challenge. However, ministry targeted to college students is not and should not be optional. Continue reading

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Thinking About College Ministry, Part 2

How do you keep youth connected to the church after they graduate high school? What have you tried that has been most effective? And what about those who don’t go to college? Continue reading

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Thinking About College Ministry, Part 1

What are some of the greatest challenges facing our youth after they graduate high school? How do you prepare them for those challenges? Continue reading

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The Value of Lutheran Campus Ministry

The Value of Lutheran Campus Ministry

In this article, Rev. Bill Steinbauer shares the story of Sarah, a lost sheep who was rescued by the Holy Spirit through the people of the Lutheran Student Chapel of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Continue reading

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Retreating to the Haven

Retreating to the Haven

The Haven is a place of refuge for the students of Concordia University, Wisconsin, offering them the opportunity to to sing praises to God and hear about great topics geared toward young adults. In this article, a Concordia student offers his perspective on how helpful such a program can be to college life. Continue reading

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