Game 1: What’s Your Favorite…

Materials Needed: List of “what’s your favorite” questions

How it Works:
Tell your group they need to find a partner. (For the first round, it doesn’t matter who.)

With their partner, have each person share their answer for the “What’s Your Favorite” question you ask.

For each round, every youth should find a new person. They should avoid going to the same person more than once.

List of “What’s Your Favorite” Questions:

  • Pizza topping
  • Subject in school
  • Christmas memory
  • Bible verse
  • YouthTube channel
  • TikTok creator
  • Netflix series
  • Disney movie
  • Book
  • Breakfast food
  • Brand of clothes
  • Type of pasta
  • Candy bar
  • More!


Game 2: Pterodactyl

Materials Needed:  None

How It Works:
Have the group sit in a circle. If you have a large group, split into small groups.

Everyone should make a face where they pull their lips around their teeth to hid them.

Have one person start. They can either say “Pterodactyl” to pass the turn to their RIGHT or screech like Pterodactyl to to pass the turn to their LEFT.

Go around the circle using these rules.

If someone laughs, shoes their teeth, or covers their mouth – they are out and leave the circle.

Go until someone wins or your group is done with the game.


Game 3: Three is a Crowd

Materials Needed: None

How It Works:
Tell your group that they need to get into groups of three with people they have something in common with. However, they cannot use something “easy” like all three are wearing jeans, have the same color hair, etc..

After everyone is in a group of three, go through each group and have them share what they all have in common. You can give a prize to the most unique each round to add to the challenge.

Go again, but don’t let them stay in the same group of three.

Extra Info:
I’ve used this as a lead-in to a devotion on the unity and the Body of Christ. It is a good activity to show youth they have things in common with people they may not like, talk to regularly, or seem very different than them. It also helps us realize that while we are all different, we have common ground, including our faith.


Game 4: Blanket Name Game

Materials Needed: Big Blanket

How It Works:
Split into two teams that sit on the floor on opposite sides of the blanket. Have two adult leaders hold the blanket between each team so they cannot see through or around to the other team.

Each team sends one person next to the blanket. Countdown to 3-2-1, at which point the leaders drop the blanket. The first person of the two next to the blanket to correctly say the name of the other person wins and their team gets a point.

Do this until both sides have had all team members go.

You can then go around again, but the “loser” of each round joins the other team – go until one person is left on one side.