Type/Purpose: Balls/Throwable Objects


  • Plastic drinking cups for half the participants (cups should be big enough to hold tennis balls).
  • 3 different sizes of balls. Balls must be able to be bounced, not be extremely hard, and you should have enough of each for half of the participants. (I used plastic golf balls, balls for handball, and tennis balls.)


  • Divide into 2 groups.
  • Instruct 1 group to line up in a row on a marked line, and give each player a cup.
  • Instruct the other group to line up seven to 10 steps back, forming a line in a row, facing the other group.


  • Players work as a group to see how many points they can get by bouncing the balls into the cups.
  • Both groups must be stationary as they throw or catch the balls, and the balls must be bounced.
  • Ahead of time, assign 2 points per caught ball for what you deem is the easiest. (In my case, I assigned it to the tennis balls), 5 points for the medium (the hand balls), and 10 for the hardest (plastic golf balls).
  • After all balls have been thrown, figure out the points, then switch sides.

Extra Ideas:

  • Try throwing and catching in different styles:
    • Different throwing could be: two bounces, over the head, through the legs, rolling, etc.
    • Catching could be: eyes closed, sitting down, etc.
    • Instead of counting points for the group, partner the sides up, and award points for each pair.