Type/Purpose: Ball/Throwable Object , Chase/Tag, Outdoor, Water

A fun, easy water game without having to prep loads of water balloons.


  • 5-10 water squish balls (depending on size of group)
  • 10-20 sponges (buy larger ones and cut in half or fourths, again depending on size of group)
  • 7 buckets


  • Fill the buckets with water, and use 6 of them to create boundaries for the playing area. Place sponges in these buckets.
  • Place the last bucket in the middle, and fill with the squish balls.


  • Select one or multiple people to be “IT”. They will each receive a squish ball.
  • When play starts, “IT” tags other players by tagging or throwing and hitting the other player with the squish ball.
  • If a player is hit, they are frozen in place.
  • To unfreeze their teammates, the other players must grab a sponge, and squeeze the water over the frozen players’ head.
  • Play continues until all are frozen, or you feel it’s time to select a new “IT” or stop play.
  • NOTE: If a player sees a water ball on the ground, they are to pick it up and place it in a bucket so that play may continue.

Extra Ideas:

  • Multiple “ITs” certainly makes the game flow better, so strongly consider that as an option.
  • If a player is tagged, they turn into an “IT”.

Teachable Moment: Discuss how refreshing water is, and what it means that Jesus brings “Living Water.”