Around this time of year, if it hasn’t been already done, many congregations have celebrations for high schoolers graduating and junior highers coming up to the high school program. Whether this has occurred in your congregation or not, this game is the perfect addition to a barbecue. Nothing says camaraderie like grilled meat, music in the background, outdoor activities, and times to connect.

Type/Purpose: Ball/Throwable Object,  Seasonal—Spring

Materials: 4 or 5 lids from cylindrical tubed containers (Once you pop…)

Set-Up: Break the group into 5 teams (or just go with 4 or 5 players at a time).


  • Give each of the players a lid, and designate a target (preferably some distance away).
  • One player from each team will play each round.
  • Players will begin tossing their lid toward the target.
  • After throwing it, they will walk to their lid, and throw again. Continue until they hit the target.
    • Keep a tally of who threw however many times.
  • The player with the lowest score is the winner of the round.
  • Continue for 5 or 6 more rounds, or more if there are more players on each team.

Extra Ideas:

  • If your group prefers, feel free to play like golf, allowing each player to take a turn individually, instead if the free-for-all suggested above.
  • Be creative in the targets that you are going for.
    • Require players to go over or under certain objects.
  • Blindfold each player and give them a partner to instruct them how and where to throw the lid.
  • Encourage players to dress up in golf gear.
  • For the other extreme, use pizza pans or garbage can lids.

Teachable Moment: Missing the Mark