Download a PDF of the 2017 Servant Event “I am an Echo” Bible Study Here.

About the theme

The theme “I Am An Echo” plays off one of the daily themes from the 2016 Youth Gathering. It points to Jesus as the perfect source, who lived a perfect life and died so we might have forgiveness. We are the echos of Jesus Christ, sharing His Gospel in what we say and do. But our echo is far from perfect. Yet, the Holy Spirit works in our service and vocation to share the love of God and to point back to the forgiveness we receive in Jesus Christ.

These Bible Studies (along with the devotions with this same theme) are designed to help young people focus on the source of their faith and to consider how in living out their faith they are an echo of Jesus. We will go through stories in Scripture where God calls people to echo His Good News. These stories both show us examples of when Biblical characters who struggle to be an echo of God. Others show how God empowered His people to echo the Gospel powerfully.

Daily Themes

This Bible study series, we focus on characters in scripture that were called to echo the Gospel. Through these characters we are able to identify our own struggles and how God can empower us through the Holy Spirit to share the Good News of Jesus with others.

Day 1: Unwilling Echo
Character Focus: Jonah
Key Scripture: Jonah 1, 3-4

Day 2: Unsure Echo
Character Focus: Gideon
Key Scripture: Judges 6:11-15, 36-40, 7:19-23

Day 3: Unwelcome Echo
Character Focus: Samaritan Woman
Key Scripture: John 4:5-30, 39-42

Day 4: Improbable Echo
Character Focus: Disciples at Pentecost
Key Scripture: Acts 2:1-15, 32-47

Day 5: Inexperienced Echo
Character Focus: Timothy
Key Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:6-16

About the Bible Studies

These Bible Studies have been specifically created to be used during a five-day servant event and in conjunction with the devotions under the same theme. These are designed to center service work in God’s Word and keep the focus on the cross as people use their gifts, skills, and experience to care for others.

These can be lead with little prep, even for teen participants. They do require you to read through in advance as there are supplies you need listed in the studies. There is no separate student guide.

They share a theme with the devotions, but these are more deep dives into Scripture with more community building and discussion. You can find the Devotions here.

Download a PDF of the 2017 Servant Event “I am an Echo” Bible Study Here.