But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name. -John 20:31


Recently I played some previous Youth Gathering videos (both personal and Gathering produced) for my youth to give them a look at what to expect. It was great to relive some memories of Youth Gatherings past. As time goes on, memories get a little faded and it is good to see some of the things that actually happened!

As I watched the old videos of the 2001 Gathering in New Orleans, I was amazed at the talent that was on stage. I listened to the speakers give wonderful messages about God’s amazing love and how through good times and in bad, He is there with us! I remembered the speakers being very engaging and challenging, but when listening to them again I was so impressed with the content and delivery of their messages. Truly, the speakers were top-notch.

Then I saw the drama. The drama team was talented, energetic, and focused. They did a wonderful job with such a powerful and exciting presentation. The focus of the drama was Biblical-based, but done in a way that youth and adults could relate. It was a Biblical story in a real-life “today” situation. What an awesome drama!

Finally, I couldn’t stop watching the video of the Worship music. We sang and danced to exciting contemporary songs! As the camera panned the crowd, you could see people worshipping God and it seemed like they were connected to Him in special ways! The songs that were performed were exciting, engaging, and really seemed to tug at your heart.

I began to think of other Gatherings and if I had similar experiences to these. I can tell you that during my five Gatherings, I have experienced so much talent. The Gathering Team really puts forth some of the best the LCMS has to offer. And, I can tell you, 2010 may just be the best yet! You will see some familiar faces, some familiar paintings, hear some familiar songs, and you will definitely be in store for some new experiences as well! It is going to rock!

Blessings as you continue on the Road to the Gathering!