Some groups are able to raise funds by selling things. Here are some examples that have worked for others:
Bedding Plant Sales – We found a nursery that sold plants and hanging baskets to us at wholesale. We took orders before Easter for two to four weeks. Two weeks before pick-up, the order was called in. Customers picked up plants at church on delivery day. We sold limited selection and only in flats for simplicity. Flats cost us $7.50 and we charged $12.50, the local rate at nurseries. Our nusery delivered free if we sold 100 flats–this has always been accomplished with little effort. At Easter Breakfast we placed order forms on tables and had order form examples available. Super Easy! from Sarah Cannedy
Grocery Food Vouchers/Coupons
We have two stores we sell for. They give us 4% and 5% of the gross. Coupons are sold primarily in $25 amounts, although some $5 and $10 coupons are also sold. Coupons are the same as cash. If you buy only $21 in groceries, you get $4 back. We sold every Sunday after every service. They were also available during the week from the church office. from Terry and Barb Wiechman