Type/Purpose: Mixer


  • A writing utensil for each participant
  • A sheet of paper for each participant with numbers on it.
  • Pick out about 10 numbers, and keep them under 100.

Set-Up: None


  • Tell players that they are going to find other people who have true statements or stories revolving around those numbers.
    • For example, numbers on the sheet might include 5, 28, and 14:
      • I found Susan, who has 5 dogs at home, Gerard was born on April 28, and Jasper ripped his big toe on a nail in 3rd grade on vacation in Miami, and got 14 stitches.
  • Give participants a few minutes to think of some stories or statements that might fit the numbers.
  • When you start the activity, allow time for mingling and story-telling.
  • After play stops, invite participants to share some of their “number moments.”

Extra Ideas:

  • Instead of random numbers, you might send out a questionnaire a week before, or send out requests before hand via social media. Print up the number sheets with numbers that participants have given you before hand. The participants will need to find that person and get the story.
  • Make up a list with letters, words, months, etc. (The overall goal of this idea is to get participants talking and sharing in a different way.)

Teachable Moment: Do a devotion or Bible Study looking at some significant numbers in Scripture.