Type/Purpose: Ideas

  • Obtain a bucket or other large vessel to collect change from your group. Designate the money either to an internal event, to a church-wide event, or to a charity. Consider using something clear so the group can see it grow.
    • At youth events, ask that the group bring some change, or at least one coin, for admission so that the bucket may grow.
    • Put tick marks on the buckets with dates for goals when the group wants to hit a certain mark.
  • Have a change party:
    • Have a clothing theme, and for every hour or 2, and ask participants to “change” into the theme at the appointed time.
    • Find a restaurant with $.35 wings, etc.

Teachable Moments:

  • Body of Christ—How do we use our own resources to serve the Body
  • Go and Make Disciples—How do we use our “time” to proclaim the Gospel?