• Participants will learn that Jesus challenged the Pharisees and their hypocrisy.
  •  Participants will learn of a Pharisee who believed in Christ.
  •  Participants will learn how Jesus deals with people by His Word to correct them, teach them, and bring them to faith.

Opening Activity

Discuss with your group:
1. What do you do to make yourself look good to other people?
2. Discuss how long it takes to “get ready” in the morning. How long does it take to fix your hair? Pick out your clothes?
The Pharisees, or “separate ones” were a group of religious Jews of Jesus’ time. Pharisees were dedicated students and teachers of the Old Testament laws. They were very strict in keeping the Laws of God, and believed that by obeying Gods rules, they could earn their way to heaven. The Pharisees often followed Jesus from place to place, questioning and challenging His teachings. Ultimately, the Pharisees couldn’t get their claims against Him to “stick,” but they and others had Jesus killed anyway.

Say a prayer before you get started in Bible study, asking God to lead your hearts and minds closer to Him.

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