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13 Reasons Why

Why 13 Reasons: A Discussion Guide

A resource and discussion guide for the Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why. Continue reading

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Dignity Revolution: Standing Up for the Value of Every Person

Be encouraged and inspired in biblical dignity, a dignity that comes from creation and the cross. Continue reading

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Youth Ministry Basics: The Response to Bullying, pt. 2

What are the ways that we, as youth workers, parents, teachers, or pastors handle online bullying? Continue reading

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Youth Ministry Basics: The Response to Bullying

What is the role of a youth worker–full or part-time–when bullying is present? Can you prevent bullying? Continue reading

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Female Bullying – Mean Girls

Female Bullying – Mean Girls

Most women have participated in female bullying at some point in their lives, either as aggressors or victims. This article discusses how adults can recognize trouble before it starts and how they can step in for the spiritual sakes of all the girls involved. Continue reading

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