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Mary Rowley

Mary loves two things the most: her foster daughter and her nephew. She'll happily show you 500 pictures of each. An Iowa girl at heart, Mary received her Lay Ministry degree from Concordia Wisconsin, spent a year as a Lutheran Campus Initiative missionary at Florida State University, and currently serves as a DCE in rural Oklahoma.

Skit - the labels we wear

Skit: The Labels We Wear

A skit on the ways we define ourselves, the ways others define us, and our ultimate identity in Christ. Continue reading

2 Comments / 510 View / June 30, 2017

Stress Bible Study

Our Scary World and Our Living God – A Bible Study on Stress

This Bible study uses the story of the Road to Emmaus in Luke 24 to help our youth find hope in Jesus. Yes, it’s the Sunday school answer – and that’s okay! The fact that we have hope in the risen Christ truly trumps any of our problems, and allows us to be a light in the darkness of our scary world. Continue reading

0 Comments / 175 View / May 22, 2017

Bullying Bible Study

Bible Study: Adopted into God’s Family

The goal of this Bible study is to turn the lens back on our youth and help them recognize 1) what Jesus did for them and 2) what they can now do for others. Continue reading

0 Comments / 304 View / April 12, 2017