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Raising Kids as a Youth Worker

The Stride: Raising Kids as a Youth Worker Family

How will your involvement in children and youth ministries impact your own kids? Continue reading

0 Comments / 163 View / October 21, 2016

For the Youth Worker Dealing with Depression

This is not written with the intention of solving anything. This is written in order to remind you of what you know, to grant you what you already have, and to give you a gift. Continue reading

0 Comments / 219 View / February 3, 2016

You Can’t Pour from an Empty Bucket, Part 4

There are three places God has promised to show up: His Word, His sacraments, His people. These are the places where God has promised to “fill your bucket.” Continue reading

0 Comments / 491 View / September 25, 2015

You Can’t Pour From an Empty Bucket, Part 3

What does it mean to steward our bodies well? Continue reading

0 Comments / 146 View / September 18, 2015

You Can’t Pour From an Empty Bucket, Part 2

Your intellectual bucket gets filled up when you’re learning. Your brain is healthiest (and happiest) when it’s being used. Continue reading

0 Comments / 168 View / September 11, 2015

Seasoned Not Stale

As the years fly by, I like to think that I am more like my well seasoned stoneware, which brings more flavor to the food baked in it, and not just stale. Continue reading

0 Comments / 74 View / September 8, 2015

You Can’t Pour from an Empty Bucket, Part 1

Who are you pouring into and who is pouring into you? Continue reading

0 Comments / 281 View / September 4, 2015

Devotion: Fruit

a devotion of encouragement for youth workers Continue reading

0 Comments / 179 View / June 24, 2015

Devotion: Who are the Least of These?

a devotion on leadership as a church worker Continue reading

0 Comments / 268 View / June 9, 2015

Devotion: Walk with God

a devotion for new youth workers on personal spiritual growth Continue reading

0 Comments / 527 View / June 4, 2015