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middle school friends Bible study

Middle School Event: Friends ‘R Us

A Bible study on friendships, especially for middle school. Continue reading

0 Comments / 210 View / March 15, 2017

youth night, compassion

Youth Night: A Heart Transplant

A youth night with Bible study on compassion and reaching out to others with love. Continue reading

0 Comments / 204 View / March 13, 2017

Family Event: Exploring Careers

by Steve Sonnenberg Download a PDF of the Family Event: Exploring Careers. OBJECTIVES That with the help of the Holy Spirit this study will: Promote conversations between youth and adults that focus on career choices and experiences; Identify with St….

0 Comments / 118 View / May 11, 2015

Youth Night: Servants with a Smile

Use this servant event youth night to discuss hunger and poverty with your youth. Continue reading

0 Comments / 250 View / March 9, 2015

Family Night: MMMM Good–M&Ms

Family Night: MMMM Good–M&Ms

Do parents know how their teenager(s) regard the stewardship of time, talents and treasure? Do students have any idea why their parents handle their finances like they do and what value they put on their time and talents? This family night will give parents and teens a great chance to talk about these things. Continue reading

1 Comment / 161 View / October 12, 2011

Middle School Youth Night: I’m More than Just Who You Think I am…I’m Me!

Self-esteem is shaped through many experiences, and many different people have an impact on how we view ourselves. Continue reading

0 Comments / 1290 View / June 1, 2011

Middle School Youth Night: Life…The Great Pressure Cooker

Middle School Youth Night: Life…The Great Pressure Cooker

Help junior high youth find ways to deal with the pressure in their lives with this junior high event. Continue reading

0 Comments / 525 View / May 18, 2011

Middle School Youth Night: It’s a Jungle Out There

Middle School Youth Night: It’s a Jungle Out There

Making one’s own decisions is an exciting part of growing up. But making decisions can also be like going on a jungle safari. The whole idea of decision-making for junior highers sounds exotic, exciting. Yet there’s an element of fear: What’s really going to happen if I choose this? What will be best for me? What will harm me? Continue reading

0 Comments / 375 View / May 11, 2011

Bible Study: Let’s Talk Dating

Bible Study: Let’s Talk Dating

The youth of today have many questions and concerns when it comes to dating but yet may be hesitant to discuss this topic with parents. In todays promiscuous culture, we need to provide Christian guidance. Continue reading

0 Comments / 469 View / March 2, 2011