In this skit Jennifer enters the “Land of Who” in her search for identity and self-esteem. There she is confronted by the Wizards of Who, who offer her varied approaches to her quest. Ultimately, she finds her answer in the word of God and her identity in Him.

You can download a PDF of Jennifer and the Wizard of Who. If you use it, let us know in the comments!

Setting: Jennifer enters the Land of Who in her search for identity and self-esteem. There she is confronted by the Wizards of Who, who offer her varied approaches to her quest. Ultimately, she finds her answer in the word of God.

The wizards may be male or female. I suggest using subdued costumes and minimal props. One wizard carries a large book, the second carries a pile of computer paper, and the third carries a mirror.

A narrator introduces and closes the drama

Narrator: There is a land visited now and then by people who wonder who they are and what they’re worth. Call it the Land of Who. People of all ages visit there, but mostly the land is visited by those between the age of child and the age of adult. One such visitor to the Land of Who was an in-betweener named Jennifer.

Jennifer: (enters stage right, at the same time the First Wizard enters stage left) So this is the Land of Who! I’ve heard of it, but … (to the First Wizard) who are you?

First Wizard: Oh, but that is not the question at all. The real question is, “Who are you?” Is that not correct?

Jennifer: I suppose …

First Wizard: Don’t suppose, girl. That is why you have come, isn’t it?

Jennifer: Well, yes. I want to know once and for all who I am and what I am worth.

First Wizard: Then yes, yes, yes, you’ve come to the right place. This is definitely the right place.

Jennifer: But I’d still like to know who you are.

First Wizard: Oh, now, don’t worry about that. First things first. (shouts offstage left) Hey! I found another one! Get over here! (to Jennifer) It’ll only be a moment. (shouts offstage left) Hurry up! We’ll lose her! (Second and Third Wizards enter stage left and stand beside First Wizard) There! (to Jennifer) Now you have us all. First!

Second Wizard: Second!

Third Wizard: And Third!

Jennifer: First, Second, and Third what?

First Wizard: First, Second, and Third Wizards! That’s what! (proudly) We are the First, Second, and Third Wizards of Who!

Second Wizard: At your service! (all bow)

Third Wizard: Now, what is it you’d like to know? Put it in a question, please, if you will. We are accustomed to questions, and good ones, too. What is your question?

Jennifer: I’d like to know who I am.

Third Wizard: In question form, please.

Jennifer: Okay. Who am I? And what am I worth? That is what I want to know.

Third Wizard: Well put. We are the Wizards of Who, and we can help you. Who are you? And what are you worth? Well put.

Jennifer: Thank you.

First Wizard: I am the First Wizard. I shall go first. (holds up book) I hold in my hands the answer to your question. Here is my latest book, 999 Steps to Being Everything you Always Wanted to Be. It is my last word on the whole matter of Who.

Jennifer: The matter of who?

First Wizard: Who you are, my girl! That is what you want to know, isn’t it?

Jennifer: Yes …

First Wizard: (tapping book) Well, it’s all here. $16.95 in hardback. $4.95 in paperback. Available at all better bookstores. 999 Steps to Being Everything you Always Wanted to Be.

Jennifer: But I don’t know what I want to be. I don’t even know who I am.

First Wizard: I’d say you’re in bad shape. So tell me, do you want to buy my book or not?

Jennifer: I didn’t bring any money with me.

First Wizard: You didn’t bring any money? Well, I’m not in the business of Who for my health, you know.

Jennifer: I’m sorry.

First Wizard: No money, no book! It’s business, you understand.

Second Wizard: Aha! My cue! Second Wizard to the rescue! (unravels computer paper) What you need is a survey! You know, an opinion poll!

Jennifer: A poll?

Second Wizard: Righto. A poll. What I’ll do for you is survey anybody and everybody who’s ever met you. What’s your name again?

Jennifer: Jennifer.

Second Wizard: Correct. I’ll ask anybody who’s ever known you, “What do you think of Jennifer? Who is she and what is she worth?” I’ll record, collate, and categorize all responses nd give you a printout revealing your identity. How does that sound, ah…h-h …

Jennifer: … Jennifer. And it doesn’t sound good at all. To some people I’m one thing and to others I’m another. All your surveys will only confuse me more.

Second Wizard: Fess up, you’re afraid of what they’ll say, aren’t you?

Jennifer: Maybe I am. I guess I’m not really sure what my best friends would say about me. I’m not sure what my parents would say, either. This hasn’t been a very good week at all.

Second Wizard: We can take the survey anytime you like.

Jennifer: No, I don’t think that’s the answer.

Second Wizard: You’re turning your back on modern technology!

Jennifer: I’m sorry.

Third Wizard: Don’t be too sorry, my dear, Third Wizard is here! (holds mirror up to her face) Look at that face, Jennifer. Look closely. (Jennifer ponders her image in the mirror) You want to know who you are. Well, take a look. You’re Jenny. That’s who you are. Beautiful Jenny! You are what you see. Be happy. Settle for what you see.

Jennifer: That’s it?

Third Wizard: What else is there? What more do you want?

Jennifer: I’d like to think that there’s more to me that what people can see.

Third Wizard: We get your kind in the Land of Who all the time. You’re looking for more than you can have. (points to mirror) That’s reality, Jenny. Face it. You are what you see. Period.

Jennifer: It isn’t enough.

Third Wizard: (to Wizards) Friends, what we have here is a classic loser.

First Wizard: My book, Jennifer, for you, $12.95 hardback!

Jennifer: (shakes head negatively)

Second Wizard: A survey, Jennifer. Gallup, CNN, and all of that!

Jennifer: No thanks.

Third Wizard: You expect too much. Settle for what you see.

Jennifer: (shakes head negatively, again)

First Wizard: You’ll be sorry. You’ll leave the Land of Who without an answer.

Second Wizard: There are others in the Land of Who, you know.

Third Wizard: Jennifer, you are on your own. (Wizards exit stage left)

Jennifer: (after a silence) So who am I? What am I worth? What am I supposed to be? I have to know.

Voice: I’ll tell you, Jennifer.

Jennifer: (raises head and eyes upward) Oh, yeah?

Voice: I’ll tell you who you are. I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Jennifer: (head still raised) Do I know you?

Voice: Yes, and I know you.

Jennifer: You’re who I think you are, aren’t You?

Voice: I AM.

Jennifer: I thought so. (still looking upward) I’m listening.

Voice: Jennifer, you are Mine. That’s who you are. You are Mine. And to Me, you are worth everything. I’d die for you, Jennifer. I already have.

Jennifer: But what about how others see me? I’m worried that the way I see myself may not be the way others see me.

Voice: Don’t worry. You are Mine. That’s what matters most.

Jennifer: But how should I be with others?

Voice: Be the way I am with them. Be who you are. Be Mine. Be real. Live as one whom I have called mine.

Jennifer: And that will be okay? Okay with You, I mean?

Voice: It’s all I ask. (silence; Jennifer still looks up)

Narrator: At just that moment, Jennifer left the Land of Who. (Jennifer exits stage right) Oh, in-betweeners still visit there, but not Jennifer. She’ll tell you that the Wizards of Who don’t have any real answers. She’s found her answer in a Voice that says, “You’re Mine!” Have you?