Type/Purpose: Event/Activity, Obstacle Course/Race/Relay

This is an all-afternoon event that is very similar to a sports field day. Brainstorm ideas for running, relay, and field events for your “meet.”

Suggestions include:

Field events:

  • Marshmallow “put” – the one to “shot put” a marshmallow the farthest wins
  • Paper airplane throw
  • Frisbee toss into an old tire
  • Water balloon roll (roll till it breaks; winner is the farthest roll without breaking)
  • Straw javelin toss (farthest toss wins)

Relays/Running events:

  • Clothes relay (put on/take off)
  • Balloon over/under relay (over your head to under/between your legs to over your head and so forth)
  • Penny Drop (put a penny between your knees and walk 15 feet; drop the penny into a bottle or cup; run back, next person goes)
  • Pass the Fruit: fruit under chin; pass to next person with chins only; NO hands (orange or grapefruit)
  • Yard Dash:  the one who can eat a long string of red licorice the fastest wins

Teachable Moment: Connections can be made to Philippians 3:12 and running the marathon of faith.