This original skit presents the “Peter Pan” of youth group, a guy who refuses to grow up in his faith. He doesn’t want what adults have to offer, but the youth don’t really want him around. What’s the PlayStation-playing old-timer to do? And what ever will become of the annual sledding trip?
You can download a PDF of A Group of “Youth”. If you use it, let us know in the comments!
Theme: Identity, Spiritual Development


Abby – Adult volunteer. Teaches youth Bible studies.

Steve – Adult male in late 30s, early 40s.

5 Youth – high school age.

Setting: A youth room, Wednesday night Bible study, 7:00 p.m.
(Youth are sitting on a beat-up couch waiting for Bible Study to begin)
#1:     Do you think he’s coming to tonight’s Bible study?
#2:     I hope not.
#3:     He’s been to every other one. Why wouldn’t he come tonight?
Abby:  (Enters) Good evening everyone. I’m sorry I’m late.
#4:     That’s OK. But I do need to leave right at 8:00. I have a ton of homework.
#5:     Yeah, me too.
Abby:  Well, I don’t think everyone is here. But we can get started and they can catch up.
#2:     So, he is coming tonight?
Abby:  I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see.
Steve: (Enters wearing ripped jeans, hat backwards, headphones) Yo, yo, yo! I’m here! Let’s get
#1:     (Whispers to #3) Scoot over. I don’t want him to sit by me.
Steve: (Sits in empty space) What’s shakin’ bacon?
#1:     Nothing.
Steve: Cool! Guess what’s going on with me.
#1:     No, thank you.
Steve: All right, all right! I’ll tell you! Quit twisting my arm! I bought the new PlayStation.
#1:     Good for you.
Steve: Hey! Everyone can come over after Bible Study and check it out!
#2:     No thanks.
Steve: I’ll order the pizza. Everyone like pepperoni?
#3:     What about your wife and kids?
Steve: Don’t worry about them. They’re lactose intolerant.
#4:     I have homework.
#5:     Me too.
Abby:  Then we better get started here. Steve, can you call for the pizza after the Bible study?
Steve: Good idea. Then I can use my anytime minutes. You know me; I got a lot of people in my
          posse. I can’t be wasting my minutes on pizza.
Abby:  Great. OK, this week’s study focuses on living out our Christian life in the public school. Did
          any of you get a chance too…
Steve: (Hand raised) Ooooooo…pick me! Ooo! Ooo! Right here.
#2:     You have a full-time job. You don’t go to school.
Steve: Yes I do. I’m taking an on-line course to become an auto mechanic.
#1:     (Exasperated) Why are you here, anyway?
Steve: (Cell phone rings) Saved by the bell! (Pointing at #1) You better step down. Talk to the
          hand. (Answers cell phone) Yo, you’ve reached Steve! Whaz Up? (Matures immediately)
          Mr. Steiner? What can I do for you? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I’m sorry sir. I’ll do it first thing in
          the morning. Yes, sir, I can come in early. I’ll have the report on your desk at 8:00. Yes,
          sir. Thank you. Good-bye. (Closes phone, slumps back into previous behavior) Now, where
          were we, peeps?
#1:     Why are you acting this way? You’re like, 50 years old. Why are you still coming to youth
          Bible study?
#3:     Yeah! And I noticed you were signed up to go sledding with us. What’s up with that?
Abby:  Maybe he’s going as a chaperone?
#3:     He’s signed up as a participant and it says he’s requesting a ride.
Steve: (Maturing some) My wife needs the car that night to take the kids to indoor soccer
#2:     What’s up with that? Shouldn’t you be with your family instead of us?
Steve: (Taking off hat) I guess so.
#5:     Why are you always trying to hang with us?
Steve: I know I’m getting older, but when I look back on my life, some of my fondest memories
          are of youth group. I loved the camp-outs, the hayrides, the Servant Events, and
          especially the Bible Studies.
#1:     There are plenty of Bible studies offered in the congregation. Why do you have to come to
          ours all of the time?
Steve: Youth Bible studies are easier to understand. I know that they don’t always apply to my
          life. I tried some of those adult classes, but they were just too intense.
#2:     Does somebody’s Bible have a concordance?
#4:     Yeah.
#2:     Thanks. (Starts to search)
Abby:  Steve, I think you find the youth Bible study easier because, as youth, their faith isn’t as
          mature as yours.
#3:     (Sarcastically) Or ought to be.
Abby:  There isn’t anything wrong with having a new faith. People become brand new Christians
          all the time. But, Steve, you have been attending this Bible study consistently ever since
          you graduated from High School. Maybe it is time to move on.
#2:     Here. I found it. Listen to this. (Reads Hebrews 5:12-13).
Steve: See, there it is! You said it yourself. I still need milk, not solid food. I’m not ready for all of
          that hard stuff.
#2:     (Reads Hebrews 5: 14 6:1a)
Steve: I guess that means me.
Abby:  I think so, Steve. I think it’s time to move on.
Steve: But I really like you guys.
#5:     We like you too. (Gets stares from other youth) But we’d like the mature Steve better.
Steve: Does this mean I can’t go sledding?
#1:     Maybe as a chaperone. Not as a participant.
Abby:  (Kindly) You know Steve, my husband and I belong to the Sunday morning group. Maybe
          you and your wife could join our small group this weekend.
Steve: You know, that would be great. I think I would like that.
#2:     Then it’s settled. Let’s get on with this study — PLEASE!
Steve: Just one more thing…
#1-5: (Groaning) What now?
Steve: Does the youth room need one of those new PlayStations?
The End