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Lectionary Bible Study

Word One: God’s Own Child (Lent 2A Gospel)

A Bible study on Nicodemus and Baptism using John 3:1-17. Continue reading

0 Comments / 154 View / March 2, 2017

Word One: A Chip Off the Old Block (Epiphany 1C Gospel)

A Bible Study on Baptism using Luke 3:15–22 Continue reading

0 Comments / 148 View / January 5, 2016

Word One: New Life through Baptism (Baptism of Our Lord B Epistle)

a Bible study on Romans 6:1-11 about Baptism Continue reading

0 Comments / 158 View / January 7, 2015

Bible Study: I am Baptized!

Bible Study: I am Baptized!

This Bible study help youths leaders walk youth through the incredibly meaningful liturgy of The Rite of Baptism used by The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Continue reading

0 Comments / 213 View / March 2, 2005