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13 Reasons Why

Why 13 Reasons: A Discussion Guide

A resource and discussion guide for the Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why. Continue reading

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Teens and Depression Resources

Resources for youth workers working with teens who deal with depression. Continue reading

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When Your Teen Goes Through a Crisis

Because of the emotional instability of the teen years, it’s not unusual for a teen to go through a crisis. Continue reading

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Real Truths You Need to Know about Depression

If you work with teens, parent teens or are a teen, it’s vitally important that you understand key truths about depression. Continue reading

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Q&A with a Therapist about Teen Depression

Information for parents, youth workers, and others who work with teenagers, about teens and depression. Continue reading

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Bible Study: Let’s Talk – Hurting Families

resources and Bible study to help youth workers as they minister to hurting families Continue reading

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LCMS Youth Ministry Webinars

Webinar: Mental Health and Youth

Rev. Dale Kuhn Mental health issues affect the lives of young people and families across our country and congregations. It is a difficult topic to tackle whether a parent, pastor, church worker, volunteer youth worker, or a Christian who cares…

0 Comments / 166 View / March 27, 2015

Tough Topics

Guiding youth through the tough times and difficult topics. Continue reading

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I’m Straight

How do we help youth identify themselves as children of God rather than by their sexuality? Continue reading

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Homosexuality and the Church’s Response

How do we in the church speak the truth in love when it comes to the topic of homosexuality? Continue reading

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