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A Youth Ministry Manifesto

A Youth Ministry Manifesto

What is the future of youth ministry in the church – any church? Here are some thoughts. Continue reading

0 Comments / 156 View / October 10, 2016

Missional Living, the School Bus and the Carpool Line

I felt like I was being a better missionary through my son’s school than I was in church work… Continue reading

0 Comments / 115 View / June 1, 2016

Upping the Odds with One Outcome

What if congregations rethink church and become a mission outpost with ONE outcome? Continue reading

0 Comments / 90 View / May 19, 2016

Missional Youth Ministry

If teens begin to see their lives as belonging to God and their mission and purpose as spreading his Word, they will begin to see opportunities all around them to carry out the Great Commission. Continue reading

0 Comments / 99 View / May 10, 2016

What Does Missional Mean?

“Missional” is popular these days…but what does it mean? Continue reading

0 Comments / 256 View / May 3, 2016

All Things New: Sometimes Youth Need a Win

We have a message that no one else can match, a win that can’t be topped, and that is what we need to be sharing every time we can. Continue reading

0 Comments / 169 View / February 8, 2016

All Things New: The Escalator of Youth Ministry

In youth ministry, you will have trouble. But take heart, Christ has overcome the world! Continue reading

0 Comments / 147 View / January 25, 2016

All Things New: Youth Workers – Teachers or Librarians?

Are parents supporting your work, or are you supporting their work in growing their child’s faith? Continue reading

0 Comments / 265 View / September 24, 2015

All Things New: The Relevant Gospel

Relevancy isn’t found in a certain format, style or way of “doing church” but in the very Word of God being preached, sung, taught and lived out in a way that shows the complete sufficiency of Christ in our lives. Continue reading

0 Comments / 236 View / November 19, 2014

What a Christ-Centered Youth Ministry Looks Like

A Christ-centered youth ministry has to do with what you celebrate. What you celebrate and how you talk reveals what’s at your core. It reveals what you desire. The question is: What do you desire? How does your desire relate to Jesus and Jesus’ way? Continue reading

0 Comments / 931 View / September 9, 2014