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This play is designed to be in modern day and easy to stage. It takes the character of Daniel and connects it in more modern terms of how we are tempted to follow our friends rather than God. This is one of three skits that take the same approach to Bible verses. You may want to have a costume for the character of Daniel.


BRAD- The peer-pressuring friend.

MACY- The friend who’s unsure of what to do.

DANIEL- The Biblical Character


(MACY stands alone in the performing space.)

BRAD: (enters) Hey, hey, hey, Macy!

MACY: Oh, hey, Brad.

BRAD: My parents are out of town this weekend, so I’m going to throw a party.

MACY: Oh, wow, do they know you’re doing that?

BRAD: Yeah, they know I’m having some people over, but what they DON’T know is Justin is bringing alcohol for all of us. It’s gonna get CRAZY! You in?

MACY: I don’t know…

BRAD: What, are you worried we’ll get caught or something? Look, no one’s driving home, we’re going to be smart.

MACY: We’re not 21. The smart thing to do would be not to drink at all.

BRAD: (scoffs) And the lame thing. Come on, no one’s going to know, and it’ll be fine. It’ll be fun.

MACY: (very uncertain) Um…

BRAD: Come on, just go to my party.

MACY: If I go, I’ll be pressured to drink.

BRAD: Yeah, with the cool kids.

MACY: I know your friends, they’re not that cool.

BRAD: Cool enough to drink. Look, are you a man, or are you a weenie?

MACY: What?

BRAD: Are you a man or are you a weenie?

MACY: First off, I’m a girl, not a man, so no. And did you just really call me a weenie? I haven’t been called a weenie since, like, second grade!

BRAD: Did it hurt your feelings?

MACY: A little.

BRAD: Then it did its job. Come on, Macy, just come. Don’t be a dud.

MACY: (nervous) Well…uh-

DANIEL: (enters. To MACY) Sounds like you’re being told to do something you don’t want to do.

MACY: Who are you?

BRAD: Yeah, what’s up, man?

DANIEL: I’m Daniel, royal advisor to King Darius.

BRAD: Like from the Bible?

DANIEL: That’s me. And, I gotta say, I really feel for you, Macy.

MACY: You do?

DANIEL: Yes, see, the other advisors were plotting against me and were trying to get rid of me. They realized they needed to find a way where I had to choose between following the king and following God.

BRAD: Wait, I know this story. They made a rule that you can only pray to the king for thirty days, but you wouldn’t pray to him.

DANIEL: You know your Bible.

BRAD: (arrogantly) I AM pretty Bible buff.

MACY: (rolls her eyes at brad, to DANIEL) Why wouldn’t you pray to the king?

DANIEL: I couldn’t worship someone other than the one true God. I was scared but God helped me stick to what I knew was right and true.

MACY: You could have told everyone you were praying to the king and really be praying to God.

DANIEL: I could have, but that wouldn’t have been right either. God gave me the gift of faith and I want others to believe in the one true God too. Pretending to pray for someone who isn’t God is not what God would have wanted.

BRAD: So they threw ya in that den of lions to get EATEN!


DANIEL: Yes, it’s true. I knew there would be big consequences. But I also trusted God was with me and God kept the lion’s mouths shut.

MACY: So, even when you went against the King and risked getting eaten by lions, God was still with you.

DANIEL: He’s always with us, Macy. Through every trouble. God used me to stand up against the king’s decree and when I was saved from the Lions, the king declared that everyone should tremble and fear before the true God who delivers and rescues.

MACY: Yeah, well, God’s not helping out with the lions in my life. (tilts head toward Brad)

BRAD: Are you talking about me? Because it’s just a little alcohol, it’s not that bad. No one’s driving home.

DANIEL: (to MACY) You know what God would want you to do, Macy.

MACY: I don’t know if God can help me stand up to Brad and his friends and stay true to God’s commands like God did for you.

DANIEL: God is with you, all the time, always. You are never abandoned or forsaken even when you are tempted. Remember, we have a God who delivers us and rescues us from our sin through Jesus. Plus, my story is evidence that God does awesome, even miraculous, things through His people. Prayer is a powerful tool you can use whenever you face hard decisions, or anytime, really. Trust the God that saves us and depend on God’s strength, Macy.

MACY: (to BRAD, firmly.) I’m not going to your party, Brad.

BRAD: (scoffs) Whatever. We don’t need you to have fun. (exits)

MACY: (to DANEL) Thanks, Daniel.

DANIEL: No need to thank me. Remember: there is no one bigger than God, and with His help, you can do all things.


Download the full script by clicking here.