Download a PDF of the Christmas Bible Study: The Glory in You, Leader’s Notes.
Download a PDF of the Christmas Bible Study: The Glory in You, Student Handout.


Picture a GLORIOUS sunrise. Take a minute to picture it in your mind in detail.

What do you see in your mind? What are some ways you can describe it?

Now picture a huge, GLORIOUS wedding cake. Once you have a vivid mental picture, tell us about what you see.

Give students time to brainstorm a vivid mental picture in their minds for both scenarios, and then accept a variety of answers.

What does it mean for something to be GLORIOUS?

Glorious (adj): full of glory, delightful, brilliantly beautiful or magnificent, entitled to great renown, splendid.


Read Luke 2:8-15. This is a very familiar passage about Jesus’ birth. Often with familiar Bible passages we have a tendency to skim over them or check out when we read or listen to them. This time, pay special attention to anything you read about “angels” and “glory” in the story.

  1. Luke 2:9 says, “An angel of the Lord appeared to them (the shepherds) and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified.” What do you think the glory of the Lord was like in this verse?
    Various acceptable answers. Angels are spirits, but have taken human form. See: more details.
  2.  Why were the shepherds terrified?
    This was a new sight, the glory of the Lord is awe-striking, etc
  3. Describe what you think the “great company of the heavenly hosts” (vs. 13) might have looked like.
    Various answers
  4. Verse 13 says the angels left them and had “gone into heaven.” It’s an image as if a corner was lifted, and we were given a small peek into what heaven is like. Read Revelation 7:11-12. Describe angels in heaven.
    Revelation describes the angels bowing before the Lord in continual worship

 Now read 2 Corinthians 3:9-18. This passage is a bit more challenging to understand. We’ll dig into what it means. For now, focus on what it says about glory, and your overall understanding of the text.

  1. To understand this passage, first read Exodus 34:29-35. What does this passage describe?
    Moses wore a veil on his face after visiting with God.
  2. What comparison does verse 15 make to the veil of Moses?
    When people have not accepted Christ, it’s as if a veil remains on their hearts.
  3. Here’s what’s especially exciting about this section of Scripture. Verse 18 tells us that we who are Christians all reflect the Lord’s glory, just like Moses did. If Moses reflected the Lord’s glory by being in His presence, how can we reflect the Lord’s glory?
    When we are in the Lord’s presence, we also continue to reflect His glory. We do this by reading His Word, worship, community with other believers, and prayer.
  4. Re-read verse 18. We are being transformed with ever-increasing glory. Now think back to what you read and discussed about glory in Luke 2. We know that God does not change. The Lord’s glory that shone on Christmas is the same glory that is in you! That’s so amazing! What might that look like in your everyday life?
    When the Lord’s glory shines in us, our lives show it! We serve God by serving others. We have the fruits of the Spirit in our lives. We continue to be transformed to be more like Jesus by growing in our faith.


Consider making a simple angel craft for students to take home as a reminder that the glory of the Lord is within them this Christmas season. Here is a resource for ideas:


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for sending Jesus as a little baby into this world. You had a plan for our salvation. Thank you for loving us that much. Help us to continue to give our lives so that we reflect your glory. None of the good we do comes from us. We give You the glory and honor. In your Holy name we pray, Amen.