The other day I was having our monthly youth counselor meeting with my core leaders and we were discussing ministry opportunities. We found ourselves really visioning and dreaming about different ways we can spread the Gospel in and out of our church. It seemed like we were feeding off each other, getting more and more fired up about ministry. We sat with each other and collectively said, “What’s holding us back?” With that question before us, I thought about an answer one of my youth said to me when I asked him that same question. His answer was simple, but I think true… He said, “It’s hard to get started!” I agree. It seems like a person can think and dream and scheme and plan for something, but it never gets going.

Here’s a simple statement for you: “Strongly desire to serve, love, and praise God.” Funneling all of your ideas into this statement will help direct you. If you ever have questions on what you should be doing, ask yourself this question… does this help me serve and love and praise God? Some things will fit naturally into that statement, and other ideas may be stretching it, and yet other things may just not fit at all. But, having that statement out there will help evaluate what things you should be doing and what things you shouldn’t be doing.

So, where do we start? I think we start at the most important thing that everyone needs to know… the saving message of the Gospel! We start by knowing this message and then telling others that they are saved by the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Use this exciting message to fire your students up! Celebrate this awesome news! Praise the Lord for what He has done in Jesus! Friends, that’s where we start, because that’s where it all started for us- at the Cross! Let’s all meet at the Cross, and start Servin’, Lovin’, and Praisin’ Him!

May God bless you as we continue Servin’, Lovin’, and Praisin’ Him!

Published November 2010