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Trigger Warning

Inside the Teen World: Trigger Warning

My students openly discuss their personal feelings with more frequency than they did a decade ago. It’s not unusual for teens to label themselves as “anxious,” “depressed,” “unstable,” or “triggered” by a particular behavior. Continue reading

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worries about teens

Inside the Teen World: What Worries Us About Our Generation

A group of teens share what worries them about their generation. Continue reading

0 Comments / 192 View / October 19, 2016

Inside the Teen World: Teaching Students to Be Still

How can we teach the habit of being still before the Lord to our students? Continue reading

0 Comments / 347 View / March 23, 2016

Inside the Teen Mind: Challenge Kids to do the Hard Things

Perhaps it’s time for students to be stretched outside their limits. Continue reading

2 Comments / 386 View / February 23, 2016

Inside the Teen Mind: The Hardest Thing About Being a Teen

Cassie asked a group, “What is the hardest thing about being a teen today?” Here are their answers. Continue reading

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teens respond to terrorism

Inside the Teen World: Teens Respond to Terrorism

Students react candidly to acts of terrorism in another country. Continue reading

0 Comments / 948 View / November 18, 2015

Inside the Teen World: A Generation Born in Fear

Today’s teens are a generation born in fear, and their fear indicates a deep-seated and unconscious distrust of fellow man. Continue reading

0 Comments / 261 View / September 10, 2015

Inside the Teen World: The Angst of Adolescence

A fourteen-year-old gives candid insight into what it’s really like being a teen today. Continue reading

0 Comments / 156 View / August 27, 2015

The Challenges Our Teens Face

Young people face conflict as a result of either abandonment or abundance, and abundance tends to be the core stressor in the lives of teens. Continue reading

0 Comments / 328 View / August 24, 2015

Inside the Teen World: 6 Phrases That Get Under Teen Skin

Cassie interviewed teens to find out what phrases irritate them the most. Continue reading

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