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youthESource blogs explore a number of youth ministry topics. Go inside the teen world, get some practical ministry tips, learn how to thrive in youth ministry, and more.

Active Blogs

Built to Last

In Built to Last, DCE Brandon Metcalf discusses building a sustainable youth ministry that will help youth continue to grow long after youth group is over, and ways to keep yourself healthy as a worker so you are personally built to last.

Learnings from the Field

In Learnings from the Field, our readers share the things they have learned recently about life, ministry, Scripture, and youth.

Inside the Teen World

In Inside the Teen World DCE Cassie Moore explores the world, lives, thoughts, passions, etc. of today’s teens.

The Stride

In the Stride, explore how to survive, thrive, and stick with youth ministry for the long haul.

Young Adults in Action

Young Adults in Action offers encouragement and advice for young adult ministries.

Retired Blogs

These blogs are no longer being updated but still contain great information.

All Things New

In All Things New DCE Brandon Metcalf shares youth ministry tips and encouragement.

Betwixt: Middle School Ministry

Betwixt explores the ups, downs and in-betweens of Middle School Ministry. Looking for ideas, encouragement or just knowing that you’re not alone? We’ve got it all, along with some great stories of middle school madness.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk is straight talk and encouragement for women working in youth ministry.

Parenting Point

Parenting Point gives some tips, ideas and encouragement to parents of teens.

Real Outreach

Real Outreach can happen anytime, anywhere. It can happen through a program or event, or through simple interactions with the people you come in contact with every day. The Real Outreach blog explores ways to do outreach in a youth ministry setting.

Road to the Gathering

In Road to the Gathering, we walk through plans and preparations for the LCMS Youth Gathering.

Servin' Lovin' Praisin'

Servin’ Lovin’ Praisin’ offers some practical tips on ways to serve, love and praise God in youth ministry.


Veritas is truth about the teen world from a teen perspective.

Youth Ministry Basics

Youth Ministry Basics covers some basic concepts of youth ministry, and ranges from practical ideas to theory.