Diving into the 40 End Goals

“And He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything He might be preeminent.” Colossians 1:17-18

We know that the LCMS Youth Gathering is more than just the five days of the event. To continue the conversation and growth in understanding and application, we asked a variety of authors to help us create a year’s worth of resources for after the Gathering. These resources were designed to help us examine the 40 End Goals that are a part of the Seven Practices of Healthy Youth Ministry.

We will highlight one of these studies a month, including highlighting them on the End Goals Podcast.

  • Community by DCE Cassie Shermbeck
  • Humble Confidence by Pastor Trevor Sutton
  • Vocation by Pastor Andrew Jones
  • Sabbath, Rest and Self-Care by DCE Bekah Freed
  • In the Midst by Pastor Brandon Metcalf
  • Life in All Things by Dcs. Emma Heinz
  • My Roles Now and in the Future by DCE Amanda Jahnke
  • My Story, God’s Story by Pastor Ted Doering
  • God’s Mission In All Things by Wes Gong
  • As a Loved Child of God by Cassie Moore

We pray they are a blessing to you through the year and beyond.

As a Loved Child of God: A 40 End Goals Study about Identity

Too often, teens chase hollow promises of self-identity in social media, popular causes, or hot-button trends. It is an identity grounded in Christ, however, that gives one a deep sense of peace, as well as the ability to navigate challenges, pains, and sorrows. In this four part study study young people will explore who they are, what purpose God has in store for them, and how they can cling to these truths when facing an inevitable world of crisis and change.

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God’s Mission In All Things: A 40 End Goals Study about Acts of Service and Mission

God calls each of us to play a role in His mission. Using Acts 1:8 this study will outline the mission of the Holy Spirit to bring Jesus to Jerusalem (our everyday life), Judea and Samaria (our community around us), and the ends of the earth (globally) through each of us. This study is designed to help highlight the section of the 40 End Goals of Youth Ministry about “Acts of Service and Mission.”

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God’s Story, My Story: A 40 End Goals Study on Identity

Stories surround us Certainly, we know God’s story for us in Scripture where God continues to speak in His perfect word. We also can think of our lives as stories where God is at work, even when that story is difficult. This study seeks to help young people to think of faith and develop identity by using this important concept of story.

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Life in All Things: A 40 End Goals Study about Service and Mission

The Christian view of being “pro-life” is far more than just being anti-abortion or against euthanasia. Our “pro-life” attitude is really a reflection of our Life in Christ. This four-part study aims to give a top-down approach to our theology of life – from creation to the fall, to salvation, and onward and outward to our vocation and service to others.

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In the Midst: A 40 End Goals Study about Humble Confidence

As we go through life, we all come face to face with trials, questions, and tough issues. In the midst of these questions, what do we do? Who or what do we turn to? The purpose of this study is to remind the participants that God does not leave them empty-handed with their questions. He offers us more than just the answers that we are looking for. God gives us what we truly need: namely, Himself.

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Valuing God’s Community: a 40 End Goals Study on Community

We know that true, deep and even intergenerational Christian community is essential: based on a need that God made us with, and planted deep inside our very essence and being, in His image. God made us for each other and draws us together in His Word and Sacrament. God places us in families, churches, youth ministry and more to meet our need for community

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