Download the PDF of the Study Here.

As many of our congregations are celebrating Confirmation, we are reminded of the importance of learning the six chief parts of the Lutheran Catechism. But for some students, once they walk down the aisle of church in that white robe and red carnation, they never do any significant study of that material again.

This three-part Bible study is the second in a series that take Catechism content and present it for high school students.

This series of Confirmation 2.0 studies reminds us that the story of the Triune God’s work isn’t just a story playing out on the pages of the Bible or on the pages of the Small Catechism. It is playing out in real time in the lives of present-day human beings like you. God is actively working in his world and in his church.

One of the clearest ways we see him working is when a person gets baptized. Baptism is a moment when the Christian story as it’s told by the Creed takes a very tangible and concrete form. It is the moment when a person is formally incorporated into the Christian story and becomes a part of it.

These sessions look at God’s work in the Old and New Testament and how the Lord works through our stories in Baptism.

Download the PDF of the Study Here.